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IAN PETRELLA as RANDY from A Christmas Story (IAN is our CELEB of the Month for DEC)

A Christmas Story Holiday EVENT!

Join IAN PATRELLA:  A Christmas Story House and Museum has a special guest this holiday season.  Actor and Artist,  Ian Petrella, who played Ralphie’s little brother Randy, in “A Christmas Story”  has decided to “come home” again to live in A Christmas Story House and serve as its tour guide from November 4th through the first week of January 2011. Ian is serving as a special tour guide interacting with visitors and recounting his firsthand experiences at the house during the filming of the movie in 1983.

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SCP Welcomes the Wonderful Belinda Balaski!

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Actress Lindsay Wagner takes a holistic path

New Article about Lindsay Wagner (Photo credit by Michael Walton)

The Big E with DEE WALLACE

A note from DEE WALLACE:

Hi everyone, I’d love for all of you to do me a quick favor. As some of you might know, “The Big E”, my book I am co-author of, is officially launching November 16th. I need all of you to head over to ASAP and rate the book so that others will be inclined to buy and share the creative wisdom!! Here is the link below:

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Helen Reddy: New Photos and Interview

Deaar Friends

There is an BEAUTIFUL new photo shoot and interview with Helen Reddy in Daeida Magazine.

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